Lucia Quaglia

Principal  Investigator

Lucia Quaglia (DPhil Sussex, MA Sussex) is Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna. Previously, she was Professor at the University of York (2012-2017).

She has published 9 books, 7 of which with Oxford University Press. Her most recent books are: The Perils of Internal Regime Complexity in Shadow Banking, Oxford University Press (2022); The Politics of Regime Complexity in International Derivatives Regulation, Oxford University Press (2020). She has guest co-edited 5 special issues of academic journals, such as the Journal of European Public Policy (2023, 2018), New Political Economy (2019), Review of International Political Economy (2015) and Journal of Common Market Studies (2009). She has published more than 60 articles in refereed academic journals in the fields of public policy, political economy, and EU studies.

Together with Manuela Moschella and Aneta Spendzharova she has just published a textbook on European Political Economy, Oxford University Press, 2024.