Enrico Borghetto


Enrico Borghetto is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, School of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri", University of Florence.

After receiving a PhD in Political studies from the Univ. of Milan in 2007, he joined their Political Science department as a postdoc. He made part of the team, awarded a 2-year grant from the Ministry of Education for the project "Institutional agenda setting: Actors, time, information". From 2013 to 2015, he was FCT Postdoc at the NOVA University of Lisbon with a project entitled: "The policy agenda at the Time of Crisis in Europe's Periphery". In 2015 he was awarded a 5-year FCT investigator contract to be carried out at CICS.NOVA and IPRI, always at the  NOVA University of Lisbon with a project entitled "Portuguese Parliament: Agenda-setting and Law-making". He was visiting researcher at the Univ. College London (2005), Univ. of Washington (2010), Univ. of Mannheim (2012) and Univ. of Texas at Austin (2017).

His research has focused on legislative studies, political representation, compliance with EU policies, the Europeanisation of national legislation, and European decision-making.

He is currently coordinating the Replan EU Jean Monnet Module "Implementing Resilience and Recovery Plans in Italy and Beyond" at the University of Florence.

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